Can a vegetable have an IQ?

Humans’ average IQ’s, by definition, are 100, so obviously the innate intelligence of vegetables is somewhat lower.

Top 20 IQ’s of Vegetables.IQVegetable3.07Lettuce2.89Spinach2.87Radish2.84Artichoke

what is the largest pumpkin in the world

What is the largest pumpkin in America?

USA Pumpkin Record of 2560 Lbs. Travis Gienger in 2022 from Anoka, Minnesota beat his old pumpkin state record of 2350 pounds with a mammoth 2560-pound pumpkin. He is currently the heaviest pumpkin grown in the USA.Oct 26, 2022

How heavy was the world’s largest pumpkin in KG?

An Italian farmer smashed the heaviest pumpkin record with a specimen that weighed 1,226 kg (2,702 lb 13.9 oz) — to be heavier than a Nissan Micra car, or about the same as 17.5 adult men!

what is the ld50 of radish seeds

Do radish seeds have a broad pH tolerance?

Radishes prefer light, sandy loams with pH 6.5 – 7.0, but will tolerate a wide range of soil types. Soils with pH below 6.5 may require liming.

What is the safe concentration of salt for radish seed germination?

The graph shows that the germination rate of the Radish Seed is dependent upon the time of exposure to the solution and the salinity of the solution. The highest germination rate was observed in those Seeds exposed to distilled water while the lowest germination rate was for those exposed to 3.0% salinity.

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what is the least hot pepper

What is the world’s weakest pepper?

The bell pepper is the only member of the genus Capsicum that does not produce capsaicin and therefore rates the lowest on the Scoville heat scale.

Which pepper is the sweetest?

Red Bell Peppers

Among the sweetest of all Bell Peppers, Red Bells go through the full process of ripening, allowing the natural sugars to enter the fruit to give them their signature sweet and fruity flavor.

What is the least spicy spicy pepper?

As a baseline, bell peppers have a score of zero on the Scoville scale; jalapeños, which have medium heat, have about 2,500-8,000 SHU (scoville heat units).30 May 2019

What kind of peppers are not hot?

Bell Pepper

Bell peppers are the calmest of all the peppers and aren’t spicy. Bell peppers can be red, green, yellow, or orange. Notably, each color has a slightly different flavor.

what is the life cycle of a radish

How long do radishes live?

It depends on how you store them. Radishes will last two to four days at room temperature, so the counter or pantry is a great option if you plan to consume them quickly. In the fridge, meanwhile, they should stay good for one to two weeks. For long term storage, consider freezing your radishes for up to six months.

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