How to become a Casino Vip Manager?

The Casino VIP Manager is a fundamental, yet almost invisible, figure in the casino economy. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a land-based gaming room or an online casino: the VIP Manager Casino can’t be missing. Indeed, in larger realities there is not just one, but several.

Because the Casino VIP Manager could be called, jokingly, as the hen of the best players. They are the most loyal customers, those who play the most, and who over time (and with the money spent and won) have earned a personalized treatment by right.

The Role of the Casino VIP Manager

So far I’ve only given you a very succinct and partial version of the VIP Manager Casino role. The reality is that simply calling it a “guide” is an understatement. VIP Managers, in fact, are responsible for acquiring and retaining higher-end customers for gaming operators.

It is they who have the delicate task of tailoring bonuses and promotions for this type of clientele, offering the highest level of customer care possible. In today’s highly competitive gaming industry, the so-called “whales” are an essential resource for operators, a stable and reliable source of income, often the bearer of new customers.

The VIP Manager Casino in action

Specifically, the VIP Manager is a figure who deals with marketing and one-to-one relationships with customers who spend the most. Many casinos contact VIP players by phone or email to offer them exclusive bonuses or promotions: behind these ideas there is always a VIP Manager, or more than one.

VIP players often have preferential support channels , and are usually followed by the same Manager. That’s why the biggest casinos need different VIP Managers, which is true for any game operator such as:

  • Poker room
  • Bingo halls
  • Sale slots
  • Bookmakers

How to become a Casino VIP Manager: the requirements

Getting to play the role of Casino VIP Manager isn’t impossible, but it’s not that easy either. First of all you need to have an adequate background:

First of all it takes experience in customer service, preferably in the reference industry: casino, sports betting or gaming in general. If you have played the role of Account Manager, then you can count on a solid foundation.

Casinos are looking for professionals who also have the demonstrable ability to reach and exceed certain acquisition or sales targets. In short, people able to increase the profits of the gambling hall.

The other skills sought in the VIP Manager Casinos 

  • Customer acquisition and retention : i.e. the ability to attract new customers and ensure that they remain active for as long as possible over time (utopistically: forever)
  • Relationship building : a set of soft skills that can contribute to the way you interact with others. From verbal to non-verbal communication, passing through the ability to listen, empathy, emotional intelligence and the ability to team up (team building)
  • Strategic management : the development of fundamental skills to guide and manage managerial processes that lead to the definition and effective implementation of corporate strategies.

Smart working in online casinos

Did you notice that most of the jobs I have talked about so far, typical of online casinos, can also be done from home? The smart working today is a very current topic, but the industry of gambling is an established practice for years.

On the other hand, in many cases it is possible to have all the tools to work from home, without having to go to the office. Between instant messaging systems, voice and audio-video chats, emails and more, today it is possible to remain constantly connected with colleagues and superiors without having to physically be in the same place.

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