What can I do with crystallized ginger?

Use it as a topping for savory rice dishes and dessert dishes alike. Include it as a garnish in a drinks mix for cocktails such as Moscow Mules. Heat it in fruit juice and reduce the mixture to a syrup to make a delicious drinks mixer. Add it to honey to create a sweet and spicy topping or mixer.

rhubarb cultivars

What variety of rhubarb is best for pies?

What is this? Sunrise Rhubarb stands out because it has beautiful pink stalks that are thicker than the average rhubarb stalk. It works well for pies, jellies, canning, and freezing, so it’s a fantastic all-around choice for gardeners. One of the reasons it freezes so well is that it grows sturdy, extra-thick stalks.Jul 26, 2022

rhubarb curculio beetle

What is rhubarb curculio?

The rhubarb curculio (or rhubarb weevil) is a large snout beetle, about 1/2 inch long. It is dark colored, with a yellow powdery material dusted on its back. The yellowish covering easily rubs off when the insect is handled.

rhubarb curd

What is curd in British baking?

Sweet Curd – A sweet condiment made with sugar, water, eggs, butter, cream from milk, a flavored concentrate, natural flavors, and pectin. This type of curd is common in England and served as a spreadable topping for scones, muffins, toast, and baked goods.

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What is fruit curd used for?

Traditionally, it was served with bread or scones at afternoon tea as an alternative to fruit spreads. It was also used a filling for cake, tarts, and other pastries. Today it has become more widely used in an array of foods. Fruit curd is a popular spread for toast, waffles, pancakes, and muffins as well.

What is fruit curd made of?

The basic ingredients are beaten egg yolks, sugar, fruit juice, and zest, which are gently cooked together until thick and then allowed to cool, forming a soft, smooth, flavorful spread.

What is raspberry curd made of?

Fruit curds are a type of sauce made with fruits that are sweetened with sugar and thickened with eggs and butter. Raspberry might not be the most common– lemon curd is– but this raspberry sauce is delightful. Its deep pink color is stunning and adds flair to any dessert.

rhubarb curd cake

What does Curd do in a cake?

This step is very important as it makes the cake light and airy. Using the curd and baking powder give a good airation to the batter. Adding hot water in the batter also helps to activate the baking powder, to give a soft texture after it has been cooked.

Can Curd be used in cake?

If you love the heady aroma of warm, freshly-baked cakes, then this eggless chocolate cake using curds is one of the first things you should try. eggless chocolate cake using curds is so richly-flavoured and so spongy, you can use it in just too many ways!

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rhubarb custard

What is the most important ingredient in custard?


Eggs are the main thickener in most custard and the yolks make them smooth and rich. Both egg yolks and whites contain proteins, which change from liquid to solid, called coagulation, when cooked or baked. This means that the liquid egg becomes firmer.

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