What happens when two heterozygous peas are crossed?

When two heterozygous pea plants ( Yy ) are crossed the offsprings will be 75% ( 3/4 ) dominant and 25% (1/4) recessive according to punnet square i.e, YY, Yy and Yy. So, if 1000 individuals are produced than 750 will be dominant.

a pea plant is the f1 offspring

Which is the ratio of pea plant offspring?

Representation of results from one of Mendel’s experiments. When a tall and short plant are crossed, all of the offspring are tall. If the offspring self-fertilize, they produce tall and short plants in a ratio of 3:1 in the next generation.

What is the genotype of the red flowered pea plants in the F1 generation?

The plants in the F1 generation bear all red flowers. The genotype of the parent red flower is RR because it possesses the dominant character for the flower color and the genotype of the parent white flower is rr because it possesses the recessive character for the flower color.

Which statement describes the offspring of the F1 generation when crossing a pea plant?

Which statement describes the offspring of the F1 generation when crossing a pea plant that is true breeding for green seeds with a pea plant that is a true breeding for yellow seeds? The offspring will inherit one gene from each parent.

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a pea plant purebred to produce

Which gene color is dominant for seeds in peas?

In pea plants, seed color is an example of complete dominance. This means the dominant allele only needs to be present in one copy to give rise to the trait. A recessive allele must be present in two copies. For seed color, the yellow allele (Y) is dominant while the green allele (y) is recessive.

Is yellow dominant or recessive in pea plants?

Since they were all yellow, this means that yellow is dominant over green. Having one Y is enough to mask the y and cause the peas to be yellow. The one yellow dominates the recessive green. At the time Mendel didn’t know what a gene was or how it worked but we do now.

a pea plant purebred to produce round yellow peas

How is the genotype of a green and yellow peas?

The yellow pea phenotype has a genotype of AA. The green pea phenotype has a genotype of aa. When Mendel looked at the results of this mating, he saw that all of the offspring had yellow seeds.

a pea plant root

Do pea plants have long roots?

Sweet peas produce long, tap roots which want to go deep. If the seed is sown in normal cell trays the roots are restricted and form tight mats in the bottom of the cells. These can fail to develop further when the plants are in the ground.

How deep are pea plant roots?

Soil Depth Requirements for Common Garden VegetablesShallow Rooting 12″ – 18″Medium Rooting 18″ – 24″Deep Rooting 24″ – 36″+Kohlrabi, Bok ChoyPeasWatermelonLettucePeppersOnions, Leeks, ChivesRutabagasPotatoesSquash, summer

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a pea plant with genotype tt

What is a TT plant?

It is a hybrid tall plant as it contains both the alleles but expresses only the tall trait. Since, only the tall trait is expressed in heterozygous (Tt) condition, tallness is dominant over over dwarfness. So, the correct answer is ‘tallness is the dominant trait’

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